#Repost @youthforclimatecy ・・・ Climate March: People>Money FRI 29NOV 17:00 The irony of the climate crisis is that we know who is creating the problem and we have the current technology to fix it. Why do politicians then keep searching for the ‘roots’ of the problem, prolonguing immediate action? Why do they constantly ignore the alarming scientific revelations and still insist on investing on new fossil fuels extraction sites? Most importantly, why do they barely respond to the calls and protests of the people? Answer: Money 🎼 Money might make the world go round but nature makes the world in the first place. Akamas was on flames for the 80th time for sake of money.💶 Our future is sacrificed for the sake of money.💶 Let’s wake up our country and our politicians; no amount of money is worth more than human health and mother nature. Dress Code: 👔Ties and any symbol of money💰 #climateprotest #fridaysforfuture #climatechange #climate #environment #cyprus #protest #raiseyourvoice #unitedforclimate @greenatcut @sec.cut @cyprusuniversitytechnology @cut.student.life @cut_library

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