Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is initiating an invitation for the establishment of a new network, the Mediterranean University Network for Sustainability, in an attempt to provide a university forum for the exchange of best practices and expertise in the area of sustainable campus design and operations within the Mediterranean region

This initiative is an attempt to deal with the particularities of sustainability in Mediterranean higher education institutions which are affected by the regional climate and culture. Our goal is to connect committed decision makers and practitioners from these institutions towards sustainable campuses and consequently towards conserving our Mediterranean habitat

Join the initiative now and lead the change at your institution. Just reply to us that you are interested to participate and soon an invitation will be sent to you. For information you may contact:


Andreas Dionyssiou

Energy Management Engineer

Environmental Policy Office

tel: + 357 25 00 22 58

fax: +357 25 00 27 64



Become a Leading Mediterranean University Network for exchanging Sustainability experiences at Management Level.


Mediterranean University membership for exchanging experiences, ideas and support on Sustainability issues through forums, conferences and symposiums in throughout the Mediterranean region.

Goal implementation through:

  • Yearly organization of forums, conferences or symposiums at a University in the Mediterranean region.
  • Maintain of online Social Media accounts, website and blogs for direct communication between members and community.
  • Collaboration with Universities won low investment budget for sustainability development.
  • Sharing experiences and open group discussions.
  • Case study presentations.
  • Problem solving deliberations.
  • Sustainability trends and predictions.
  • Sustainability goals for the next year